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Quality and Environmental Policy

Our story begins in 1.998, year in which a group of wine-growers from San Asensio, Hormilleja and other neighbouring villages, decided to unite their knowledge and experience. From this union San Cebrin winery The extension of our lands is very wide, however the average extension does not exceed an hectare, this allows us to cultivate each of our plots with affection,care and dedication.

Modern and functional warehouse focused on the production of wines of high quality. For it we possess the last technologies and technologies added to the experience of having grown in a land with long wine tradition, and a human equipment motivated and implied in the Managerial Strategy.

Fruit of the above mentioned strategy has been the implantation and maintenance of an Integrated System of Economic Management, Quality and Environment that compromises us to:


In San Asensio, on February 28, 2017

The Management Board