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Once the grape is gathered, in its ideal moment of ripeness, comes the time to turn the grape into wine.

Manguera con vino

Reception of the grape

As soon as the grape is received in the cellar, it’s analyzed to know the most important parameters and its sanitary condition, classified by its quality.


The alcoholic fermentation process is a natural procedure in which the grape’s sugar transforms into alcohol, it needs a careful production control to obtain high quality wines . At that moment it is all gathered, decanted and pressed.

Clarifying and bottling of white and rosé wines

At this point the white and pink wines are clarified and leaked to be bottled.

Ageing in oak barrels.

The red wines, once the alcoholic fermentation process has been completed, it’s poured and the natural malolactic is done.
Later the wine begins its ageing in barrels, between 12 and 24 months depending on the characteristics and type.

Once it’s aged , it’s clarified and bottled. The wine then rests to a constant temperature before its commercialization.